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Prevalence of Home and Leisure Accident in a population of detected patient supect of sleep disorders during a healthcare checkup

dimanche 14 novembre 2010, par Didier Cugy

C. Scribans, D. Cugy, J.L. Lenain, B. Léger, J.Paty

Objective : In order to prevent Home and Leisure Accident (H&LA) and promote an adapted specialist medical care, sleep disorders screening was led in the Bordeaux and Cenon HealthCare Center in Gironde, France.

Method : Epworth sleepiness scale was performed on patients more than 40-years-old. Inclusion criteria were defined on a level more than 17 or more than 11 with a positive answer of specific questions associated.One year later, prevalence of H&LA was reported using the answers of accidentogical questionnaire sent to the screened patients.

Results : 5.8% (n=545 patients) were screened from March 2004 to March 2005. 45 % (n=245) accepted to follow up the investigations ; 38.7 % (n=211) did not accept because of personal judgement of the patient or general practitioner judgementノ 16.3 % (n=89) were lost to follow up. 322 patients returned the accidentogical questionnaire in which 11% (n=34) declared a H&LA. No difference was observed between patients carried and the other ones. However, the prevalence of H&LA, 4.7% based on findings from the « Enquête et Santé et Protection Sociale 2002” [1] and 11% based on our results, showed a significative statistical difference p<10-6.

Interpretation : the prevalence of H&LA among the population screened is more important than those observed in French general population.

Conclusion : It is necessary to go on and to improve the sleep disorders screening in the Health Centre and the medical care in general medicine.

Reference :[1] les accidents de la vie courante en France selon l’Enquête Santé et Protection Sociale 2002, institut national de veille sanitaire, août 2005

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