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Circannual variations of biological and clinical parameters observed from 204 293 healtcare checkups.

samedi 15 juillet 2017, par Didier Cugy

Materials and methods : We have a 204293 patient database (100701 women and 103592 men) from healtchare checkup since 2004 to 2017 integrating biological, clinical and ESS questionnaire. We search infra day (circannual effect) biological rhythm by averaging method after segmentation of population from sex and age. Datas are analyzed by using Multiple ANOVA.

Results : we found significal circannual effect for : - BMI p<0,001 (lower during autumn), Creatinin p =0,04 (higher during summer), Cholesterol p=0,04 (lower during summer). Some parameters were also highly influenced by aging and sex.

Discussion : Seasonal variations of cholesterol were reported by Kreindl & al (1). They report increase of LDL in winter and HDL in Summer. Our report agree with Kristal Bonneh & al (2) findings showing a maximum for cholesterol in winter and minimum in summer. We hypothesis to explain Circanual variations of creatinin and BMI by summer climate who allow more physical activity or by difference in food intake.

Conclusion : Database analysis is in agreement with report showing seasonnal/circannual variations of cholesterol. Observed results don’t allow us following thesis whether changes are of environmental origin or in relation to a circannual endogenous rhythm

Bibliography :
1) [Seasonal variations in the lipid profile of apparently healthy young adults living in Santiago, Chile]. Arch Latinoam Nutr. 2014 Sep ;64(3):145-52.
2) Circannual variations in blood cholesterol levels. Chronobiol Int. 1993 Feb ;10(1):37-42.

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